Where Can You Compare the Shark Vacuum to the Dyson Vacuum?

Several review sites have done journalistic cross comparisons of the Dyson and the Shark vacuum cleaners, including Vacuums Guide, Consumer Reports, and, for pet owners, Canine Journal. Readers can use these reviews to compare and make a judgement for themselves.

Many websites have taken on the Dyson and the Shark in critical reviews that pit them head-to-head. Consumer Reports published one such review in 2014 and came to the conclusion that they are on equal footing in terms of cleaning ability, even though the Shark costs much less.

In 2015, Vacuums Guide praised the Shark for its lower price but noted that it is difficult to compare corded vacuums with cordless vacuums with similar specifications due to differences in energy usage. It gave the two companies equal points for different products and concluded that it was a draw between the two as to which had the best vacuum.

Canine Journal hailed the Shark as the best upright vacuum of 2015 for cleaning up pet hair but gave the Dyson an honorable mention for best canister vacuum cleaner for the same ends.