How Can You Compare Lasko Fan Replacement Parts?


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Lasko fan replacement parts can be found by logging on directly to the Lasko products website. From there, a link is available to open up the parts and accessories store.

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Once in the parts and accessories store, there are a some links to go directly to different Lasko products. There are two links for fans. Once in the fans section, there are different categories of fans on which to click. Choose the type of fan that needs the parts, and click on that category. Once in the fan category section, a picture list appears with a description of each fan model you are looking for. Click on the link of your fan, and a list of replacement parts pops up. Compare them by looking at the fan part you have on hand that needs replacing and the fan part you're looking for online. You are able to visually inspect them before purchasing them to make sure they are the right part.

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