Where Can You Compare Home Appliance Brands?


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A person can compare different home appliance brands and their products on websites such as CNET and Good Housekeeping. The Appliances section of the TopTenReviews website also provides brand and product comparisons in addition to reviews and buying guides.

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By visiting the TopTenReviews website, visitors can peruse the latest comparisons and a list of archived comparisons and reviews that are ordered alphabetically. Alternatively, they can select one of the available appliance categories, such as kitchen or laundry, and specify a type of product they wish to compare between different brands.

Once the desired category and type are selected, TopTenReviews provides a list of appliances from some of the more popular brands, such as LG, KitchenAid, GE and Samsung. Visitors can analyze the ratings of the brands according to the functionality, efficiency, support and features provided by their products. Below the ratings, the website displays a breakdown of each category by providing values for certain specifications and check marks that indicate the presence or absence of the more common features and functionality.

CNET and Good Housekeeping let visitors select from a variety of appliance categories and brands to compare their features and prices. Good Housekeeping provides a list of pros and cons for various appliances from popular brands, while CNET offers hundreds of reviews and allows visitors to filter information based on the brand, appliance type and energy source.

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