Can a Coffeepot Be Placed Under a Cabinet?


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A coffeepot can be placed under a cabinet, specifically coffeepots that are under counter or under cabinet models. The primary under-cabinet coffee maker is the Black & Decker Spacemaker, as of March 2015.

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Under-cabinet coffee makers are ideal for kitchens, offices, recreational vehicles and other locations that have limited counter space. They are also generally easy to clean and have a sleek, contemporary design. In addition to new under-cabinet coffee makers, an individual can find various types of older models on websites such as eBay.

Black & Decker offers 8-cup and 12-cup Spacemaker coffee makers. These can be mounted under flat-bottom cabinets and includes step-by-step guides and templates for the installation process. A Spacemaker coffee maker features a removable water reservoir, automatic shut-off function, 24-hour digital programming buttons, a hook to store the cord out of view and the ability to fill a cup of coffee while brewing is in progress.

Black & Decker recommends two people install the Spacemaker coffee maker. Items needed for installation include a screwdriver, tape, ruler, protective glasses and an electric drill. Drill bit sizes needed are 1/32 inch and 1/4 inch. Various standard screw lengths are included in the materials, though they may not fit all types of cabinets.

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