How Can You Clear an Overgrown Garden?


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Overgrown gardens often require several days to clear. The tools needed for the task include a heavy-duty string trimmer, a lawn mower and a rototiller. Wear gloves, eye protection and long sleeves to prevent injury.

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  1. Determine the plants you want to keep

    If there are trees or shrubs you intend to keep, clearly mark them to prevent accidental removal.

  2. Cut the weeds

    Use the string trimmer to cut through the large weeds. The string is more flexible than a metal lawn mower blade and doesn't throw large rocks. The open design allows for easier cutting of the tallest weeds. Rake the cut materials and add to the compost pile. Keep wasp and hornet spray close by if there is a chance of stinging insect nests in the growth.

  3. Mow the garden

    With the large weeds out of the way, you are better able to see objects you need to move before mowing. Cut a smaller than normal path to reduce the load and wear on the lawn mower. Start with the machine at its highest position. Rake the debris and lower the setting to eliminate most growth from the ground.

  4. Till the dirt

    Use the rototiller to help loosen and remove the roots from the ground. Rake any debris from the soil after tilling. GreenZoneLife warns readers that weeds are capable of sprouting from small pieces of a root left in the ground.

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