How Can You Clean Vinyl Products?

How Can You Clean Vinyl Products?

Vinyl products can be cleaned by using a rag or paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Deeply stained vinyl products can be cleaned with a melamine-foam sponge. Discolored or yellowed vinyl products can be cleaned using a mixture of water and powdered bleach.

To clean vinyl products, a white-colored rag or paper towel with rubbing alcohol on it can be used to gently wipe down the product. A wet cloth can be used to remove any additional amounts of alcohol residue remaining on the product. Use a fresh rag or paper towel to avoid spreading any stains.

A melamine-foam sponge can effectively clean resistant staining on vinyl products, although an inconspicuous test spot should be cleaned first to ensure that the cleaning product does not damage the surface. The cleaning sponge should be wet but have most of the water removed from it before using it on the vinyl product.

To clean yellowed or discolored vinyl products, water can be sprayed onto the vinyl, and then oxygenated powder bleach can be sprinkled onto the stain. A white cloth should be used to rub the stain out of any vinyl spots covered with the water and bleach mixture.

Petroleum and oil-based solvents should not be used on vinyl products, since these products can remove the plasticizer in the vinyl, causing the vinyl to stiffen.