How can you clean travertine?


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To clean travertine, use a soft dust mop as needed to remove dust and pet hair from the stone's surface. Wipe down the stone with a specially formulated cleaning product once a week to prevent a build up of dirt and grime to make maintenance quick and easy.

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  1. Dust the surface

    Clean travertine floor or countertop tile with a soft dust cloth or dust mop to prevent build up of hair, dust or other items that may scratch the surface of natural stone. Simply wipe the surface down with the soft cloth as needed.

  2. Use the right cleaning solution

    To deep clean travertine, purchase a cleaning solution that is made specifically for natural stone. Use the necessary amount of cleaning product according to the product label. Do not use too much as this could leave a cloudy film on the surface of travertine. Never use acidic products such as vinegar or bleach.

  3. Prevent spills

    Use protective items such as carpet runners and door mats for floors, and remove your shoes before walking on travertine floors. Protect other travertine surfaces with coasters, trays and place mats to avoid damage from drinks and decorative items that might scratch the surface of tile.

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