How Can You Clean a Tea Strainer Properly?

A tea strainer can be cleaned by several methods, including soaking and scrubbing with various tools. An unclean strainer can prevent good tea from being made properly.

In order to enjoy a clean and pure tea with the most flavor available, the strainer needs to be clean. A clogged strainer does no good for allowing water to seep through the tea in the basket, and the water can overflow. A discolored tea strainer can be stripped of its outer coating and leach metals or minerals into the tea.

  1. Soak the strainer
  2. The best way to do this is by using a mixture of equal parts bleach and hot water. Mix the bleach and hot water together, and place the strainer in the mixture. Let it sit for 20 minutes and remove. Ensure that the strainer is completely rinsed off with clean water before putting it away. If bleach is not a good choice, the same effect can be achieved by using boiling water and following the same steps.

  3. Scrub the strainer
  4. If the strainer does not seem to be clogged badly, scrubbing it may clean it. Simply use a scrub brush or anything with bristles long enough to reach through the mesh, and scrub under running water. This method can be used in addition to the soaking method if soaking was not enough to remove all the residue clogging the strainer.