How Can You Clean Stains on Wood Cabinets?


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To clean stains on wood cabinets, use soap, baking soda, lemon, vinegar and a dish towel. Kitchen cabinet stains are usually caused by splattering grease while cooking food. These stains can damage wood and leave the cabinets permanently marked.

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How Can You Clean Stains on Wood Cabinets?
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The first step is to clean the stained area using soap and water. Mix a small amount of hand soap with a little water and use the mixture to clean the cabinet. Use a piece of dry cloth to wipe down the cabinet. Dry the area using a dish towel.

The next step is to place some baking soda on a piece of cloth. Rub vigorously over the stained part of the cabinet. Make sure the stains have started to lift or loosen. Use another dry piece of cloth to wipe off the surface.

After that, add some lemon to a small portion of baking soda and mix together in a pot. Use the mixture to wipe down the cabinets. Use a dish towel to dry the cabinet.

Finally, mix a little vinegar into some water. Make sure the water and vinegar mix properly. Use the mixture to wipe off any remaining stains on the cabinet. Dry the cabinet using a dish cloth.

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