How Can You Clean a Smelly Refrigerator?


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In order to properly clean your refrigerator, you need a clean rag, a clean towel, a mild detergent, bleach and water. You may also want to wear latex or cleaning gloves during the process. Cleaning your refrigerator will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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How Can You Clean a Smelly Refrigerator?
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  1. Empty the refrigerator

    Take everything out of your refrigerator. This includes anything stored in the crisper drawers or in the door.

  2. Remove the drawers

    Completely remove all drawers so you can properly clean inside of them, as well as beneath them.

  3. Clean the refrigerator interior and drawers

    Using a mild detergent and hot water, clean the entire interior of your refrigerator. Use the same detergent to thoroughly clean the drawers inside and out.

  4. Dry the refrigerator interior and drawers

    Using a clean towel, completely dry the interior of your refrigerator and drawers. Don't forget to dry the inside of the door.

  5. Replace the refrigerator contents

    Start restocking your refrigerator with its contents.

  6. Clean the exterior of the refrigerator and handles

    Using the same mild detergent and cleaning rag, wipe down the entire exterior of your refrigerator.

  7. Clean the drip pan

    Dump the contents of the drip pan and then clean it with bleach. Dry it completely and then replace.

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