How Can You Clean Feather Pillows?


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Feather and down pillows can be washed and dried in home machines or hand washed in a sink. Be careful to dry them thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew.

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How Can You Clean Feather Pillows?
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To clean a feather or down pillow in a washing machine, start with warm water to sanitize and kill any dust mites. Wash two pillows at a time if possible using the gentle cycle, a small amount of mild, low-suds detergent and only enough water for a small load. Before putting the pillows in the washer, make sure the ticking is tight with no holes, and pre-treat any stains. When the cycle has finished completely, rinse the pillows a second time, and spin until most of the water is gone. Then either dry the pillows in the open air, or put the pillows in the dryer on the air setting, stopping occasionally to fluff, until they are bone dry.

An even gentler method is to wash your feather pillows by hand. Fill a deep sink with warm water and a small amount of detergent. Wet the pillows slowly and thoroughly, and then massage gently to launder. Rinse the pillows several times, and roll them in towels and gently squeeze (no wringing). Hang out to dry or machine dry. Some experts recommend putting tennis balls in the dryer to help re-fluff the feathers.

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