Where Can You Find Claw Foot Bathtub Reviews?


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As of June 2015, Overstock.com, HomeDepot.com and VintageTub.com present reviews of claw foot bathtubs. On each site, reviews are accompanied by ratings based on a five-star system.

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On Overstock's site, positive reviews for claw foot tubs mention how long they keep the water warm, how well the tub fits the body, and how easy it is to adjust the feet. A negative comment states that the tub only fits smaller-sized people.

Five-star reviews at Home Depot praise the tubs' high quality and sturdiness. A less-satisfied reviewer notes that the materials for the entire tub do not seem durable. Vintage Tub & Bath critiques state that claw foot tubs are stable with high-quality fixtures. However, one reviewer observes that the tubs do not always drain easily.

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