How Can I Choose Siding and Roof Colors?

How Can I Choose Siding and Roof Colors?

Choosing the right color for your home can rejuvenate its look and make it stand out on the street. If you're getting ready to put your home on the market, a fresh color scheme can make all the difference in the way your home is perceived by others.

  1. Choose your top four siding colors

    Pick your favorite choices for siding colors, and have everyone else living in the home do the same. Agree on the colors that don't work, and keep winnowing down choices. When in doubt, stick to colors that are similar to the house's current color.

  2. Get a second opinion

    Ask an architect, designer or color specialist for advice on your final choices of colors. Be open to new suggestions, but choose a final siding color you can be happy with for a long time.

  3. Choose a neutral roof color

    Compare your chosen siding color to possible choices for your roof color. When considering unusual options such as sage greens or dark blues and reds, keep to subtle tones. Find a color that blends well with the siding color.