Can Chipmunks Damage My Yard?


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Chipmunks can damage a yard. They can damage plants by eating them, and they can damage edifices in the yard, such as walls or stairs, by digging beneath them, according to the University of Vermont Extension.

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Can Chipmunks Damage My Yard?
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Chipmunks usually cause damage to lawns or patios by burrowing. The burrows begin at a hole in the yard and descend into the ground for about 10 inches. They then stretch out horizontally for 20 to 30 feet and end with a room 6 to 8 inches deep that chipmunks use to store food, the Missouri Botanical Garden explains.

To get rid of chipmunks, avoid leaving out bird seed or pet food that may attract them. Trapping chipmunks is possible, but release them more than a mile away from the yard where they are caught, as stated by the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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