Can Cherry Pits Be Planted?


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It is possible to plant cherry pits. However, they are best collected from cherries found at a farmer's market or cherries picked off the tree. Store-bought cherries are usually refrigerated, which renders their pits infertile.

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Before planting cherry pits, soak them in warm water for about five minutes, and then scrub away any bits of fruit. Dry the pits on paper towels, and place them in a plastic container with a tight lid. Make sure to label and date the container. Place it in the refrigerator, and leave it for 10 weeks.

After this period, remove the pits from the refrigerator, let them come to room temperature, and plant them in a planting medium such as vermiculite. Water the pits, and make sure the planting medium stays moist. Trim and thin when the seedlings are 2 inches tall. Plant them outdoors when the danger of frost passes.

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