How Can You Find Cheap Topsoil?


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Property owners can get topsoil cheaper when they purchase it by the truckload compared to shopping at local hardware stores for bags of the material. Places to contact about getting topsoil in bulk include a gardening center, landscapers or sand and gravel companies. Many local excavating companies have a variety of soils and material from which to choose.

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High-quality screened topsoil is likely the most expensive option because it goes through cleaning processes. Property owners can also seek out coarse soil and fill dirt to help fill in part of their needs. Coarse soil is a lesser-quality top soil that hasn't been screened, so it contains roots and rocks. Fill dirt is from deeper down and usually has a lot of clay and other rocky material. It is not considered as a good medium for growing.

Property owners who need to build up their landscapes may save money by purchasing fill dirt for this purpose and then adding a layer of three to four inches of topsoil over it. This keeps costs down with the use of cheaper dirt for much of the job, but still provides enough top soil to grow a healthy lawn and get trees and other plants started. It is even possible to find fill dirt available for free through construction companies that are clearing land and have to truck unwanted dirt away.

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