Where Can I Find Cheap Table Centerpieces?


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Cheap table centerpieces are often available at thrift stores, craft stores, the local florist and they can even be made with odds and ends around the house, according to Divine Dinner Party. Plates, vases, candles, fruits and flowers can all be combined in various ways for inexpensive table decorations.

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Where Can I Find Cheap Table Centerpieces?
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Flowers are often expensive, but there are cheaper varieties available at the local flower shop or at discount stores, says Divine Dinner Party. These flowers can be color-coordinated with candles and other decorative items. Twigs, leaves and flora from outside the home can be utilized as well, according to Midwest Living.

A cheap plastic tray from a discount store can be sprayed with inexpensive paint and used as a base for a table centerpiece, recommends Celebrations. Adding colored candles and some fruit creates a new centerpiece quickly and cheaply.

Even desserts can make for an attractive and inexpensive table centerpiece, advises Divine Dinner Party. Cupcakes are usually cheap and easily customizable with icing. This makes them an ideal centerpiece for dinner or holiday parties.

Various sized glasses can also be combined with a tray to form the basis for different types of centerpieces, states Celebrations. Adding different types of vegetables to the glasses create a unique color scheme that can be customized for the occasion without a lot of expense.

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