Where Can You Find Cheap Paper Placemats?

Where Can You Find Cheap Paper Placemats?

Restaurant suppliers such as the WebRestaurantStore Food Service Equipment and Supply Company and FoodServiceDirect Inc. offer bulk paper placemats at inexpensive prices, as of 2015. MyPaperShop.com and Factory Direct Party sell placemats in smaller batches at low prices.

WebRestaurantStore.com offers placemats in solid colors, printed and children's versions. An off-white scalloped edge item is under $10.00 per 1000.

FoodServiceDirect.com sells over 430 paper placemats suitable for children or adults. The company's Doodle Game and coloring placemats are activity-focused.

MyPaperShop.com offers themed placemats including holiday, religious, patriotic and Southwest items. Cases are 500 to 1000 pieces.

FactoryDirectParty.com sells placemats in packs of 10 or 50. Prices range from under $1.00 to $4.00.