What Can Cause My Maytag Gas Dryer to Not Heat?

There are several causes for Maytag gas dryers that do not heat, including a bad ignitor. In order to heat, the dryer must ignite and burn the fuel. While older models used a pilot light to ignite the flame, 2014 models use an electronic ignitor. If it does not produce enough heat to start the burner, the machine does not get hot, according to ApplianceRepair.net.

Maytag gas dryers use electronic valves to start and stop the gas flow to the machine. A thermostat operates these valves to keep the temperature inside the drum within the specified settings. If the solenoid valves stop working, they require replacement. In a pilotless system, if the ignitor glows but the burner does not start, this is likely the problem. On a dryer using a pilot, if the pilot burns but the burner does not start, the valve is likely defective.

Pilots have a system that shuts off the gas flow if there is no flame. It consists of a tube filled with liquid, like a thermometer. To light the pilot, the operator must depress a button to override this system until the liquid is hot enough to keep the valve open. If the pilot does not remain lit after keeping the valve depressed for about a minute, the sensor is likely defective and requires replacement.