What Can You Do If Your Caterpillar Engine Is Having Problems?

If a Caterpillar engine is having problems, then owners can take the equipment to a service shop that services Caterpillar brands. The available repair centers and service shops differ from one city to the next. Equipment and truck owners need to check with their local dealers and repair shops to see which companies service Caterpillar brands.

Caterpillar offers several additional services that help equipment owners keep their equipment running. These include the S.O.S service, which monitors systems and helps monitor changes in the systems. This is helpful because it can warn of larger issues and help prevent breakdowns. Along with this program, the Caterpillar website offers videos that show owners how to do maintenance and small repairs themselves, notes Cat.com. Large repairs and complicated maintenance need to go to a repair shop.

If the problem with the engine is bad enough that the vehicle cannot be driven or is not a drivable type of equipment, then it can be towed or taken into the repair shop. Equipment owners need to check with the shop of their choice to see what towing options are available along with the associated costs. If the shop does not offer towing services, then owners should contact other towing services to have the piece moved to the shop if they do not have an option to move it themselves.