How Can You Get Cash for Refrigeration Recycling?

To get cash for recycling a refrigerator, contact local metal scrap suppliers, utility companies and appliance recyclers. Not all recycling companies offer cash for appliances, but many of them do.

Scrap metal recyclers often give cash to owners for recycling appliances like refrigerators, so search for local metal recyclers, making sure that they pay for items and don’t just recycle them. Another good option is to check with the local utility or energy company. These companies sometimes provide utility bill credits or give cash directly to owners for recycling a refrigerator as an incentive for them to upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances.

Retailers or manufacturers of refrigerators might offer a cash rebate to owners recycling old refrigerators if they also purchase a new one from that retailer. When shopping for a new appliance, ask the retailer if they offer any cash rebates. While rebates do not give extra cash in hand, they do go toward a new purchase. Another potential way to get cash for recycling a refrigerator is to check with Energy Star to see if they have resources for companies that accept old refrigerators for cash. Some programs that work with the Responsible Appliance Disposal program also offer reimbursement for recycling old appliances.