How Can You Care for a Weeping Norway Spruce?

Once established, a weeping Norway spruce requires little care. SFGate reports it as hardy in USDA zones 3 to 8. These dwarf trees reach a height of 3 feet when mature, but they span a diameter of 10 feet.

  1. Select the location

    Transplant the spruce while it is small. Choose a location that offers full sun, with at least six hours of direct sun exposure daily. Trees planted in shaded areas or poorly draining soil rarely last more than a couple of years.

  2. Provide water

    Water the tree once the soil is dry to a depth of 3 inches the first year after transplanting to encourage establishment of a strong root system. Once established, watering is only necessary during extended dry weather.

  3. Prune to encourage growth

    During the first two years after transplanting the tree, prune the tips of the branches to encourage growth of a denser, fuller canopy. SFGate recommends removing about one-third of the new growth each time you prune to encourage more growth.

  4. Feed the tree

    Apply a slow-release conifer fertilizer about every four years. Avoid overfeeding to keep the tree from becoming too large too quickly. By limiting the added food, you encourage the root system to extend in search for food. Avoid placing fertilizer closer than 6 inches to the trunk.