How Can You Cancel Monitronics?

To cancel Monitronics, review the terms of agreement, write a letter to Monitronics to inform them of your decision to cancel the service, and then call the company to inform them about the cancellation request. The cancellation notice should be provided 30 days before the end of the service term.

The service agreement contains information about the agreement between the customer and Monitronics, including the duration of service. To find out the length of the agreement, go to Section 3 of Service Fees and Terms of Agreement.

In the letter, include the customer service number at the left-hand side of your latest Monitronics statement. Type the seven-digit customer service number above the date of the printed statement. The subject line of the letter should also refer to the customer number. The body must specify the exact time you want to cancel the service. Use terms such as ?effective immediately? if you want to cancel the service immediately.

Other important details to provide in the letter include your name, password, street address, phone number and signature. To get the customer care number and mailing address, go to, go to the bottom of the home page, and click the Contact Us link located under Support.