How Can You Camouflage Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Equipment?

How Can You Camouflage Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Equipment?

Outdoor air conditioning equipment can be camouflaged by screens, vegetation and even dedicated structures for it to store gardening tools. It is important when hiding the unit to make sure it has plenty of ventilation and shade to operate efficiently.

One of the most common ways to camouflage outdoor air conditioning equipment is to place a fence or screen around it. A similar idea is to hide it behind a trellis festooned with pretty vines.

Some homeowners build a dedicated closet or storage bin for the unit. A large ventilated box or closet is also a great place to stow the lawn mower, garden tools and more, making it a functional investment as well as a cosmetic solution.

No matter what is used to hide air conditioning equipment, make sure there's plenty of room for access. Some screens and trellises designed for hiding the A/C include a door or some sort of access point so the unit can be maintained or repaired.

Another way to minimize the impact of ugly air conditioning equipment is to draw the eye away from it. Landscape designers often use this trick. Creating a breathtaking meditation garden or installing a gurgling fountain near the equipment will draw the eye away. The eye-catching landscaping will be the focal point and no one will notice the air conditioning equipment.