How Can You Calculate the Costs Involved in Building a House?

The most accurate cost estimates for building a home come from professional consultation and price quotes, but online calculators are available to establish a rough estimate as a starting point. Calculators are available from and is a house building cost calculator that takes into account the essential elements of building. Foundation shape, square foot area of living space, and the quality of material are all factored into the final calculation.'s calculator allows for a great degree of fine-tuning, especially when considering material quality. Each area and type of room in the house has separate entries for material quality consideration. offers a similar calculator, but walks through the calculation factors differently than The CostToBuild calculator walks the user through the specifications for each individual floor, accounting for details such as ceiling height, slope of building location and additional features such as porches and garages. CostToBuild even asks for information on finishes for surfaces and other minute details.

The Cost To Build calculator also has a function for calculating the costs of adding a garage. This makes it a more versatile tool than the calculator, though it is not as in-depth when it comes to material selection.