Where Can You Buy a Wolf Cooktop?

Where Can You Buy a Wolf Cooktop?

Wolf Cooking brand cooktops retail at kitchen appliance dealers as well as dedicated showrooms throughout the country. The Sub-Zero Group brand main company website features a dealer location search feature that displays specific stores up to 100 miles away from a particular ZIP code.

Many major metropolitan areas throughout the United States have a dedicated Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom. Generally open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., these locations feature full-scale displays of the company products in an environment encouraging potential customers to handle and understand a product prior to purchase. Additionally, some third-party retailers feature "The Living Kitchen," a similar small-scale mock-up of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

Wolf Cooking produces lines of gas cooktops and rangetops as well as electric and induction cooktops. Each series offers some advantages and disadvantages over the others.

Induction cooktops, for example, are the most energy-efficient. They produce a magnetic flux that heats only a pot or pan, instead of the surface, provided that the cookware is made of a ferromagnetic material. They tend to be more expensive than other styles, however.

Wolf Cooking gas cooktops come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from modest 15-inch wide two-burner to five burner 36-inch models. The gas rangetops are offered in 30-, 36- or 48-inch widths and feature specialized configurations including an infrared charbroiler or griddle, as well as a French-style top.