Where Can You Buy Williamson Gas Boilers Online?


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Williamson-Thermoflo gas boilers are available to buy online at eBay and eComfort.com, as of March 2015. Williamson-Thermoflo does not distribute any of its products through its website.

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The eBay listings are for new gas boilers, which use natural gas or propane as fuel. The most powerful boiler on sale is a 200,000-British-thermal-unit model, and the weakest is a 70,000-Btu model.

The selection at eComfort.com, which is larger than eBay's, includes several oil-fueled models. The gas boilers range from 300,000 Btu down to 47,000 Btu, and the models have varying exhaust methods, with some models equipped to vent through a 2,000-foot chimney.

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