Where Can You Buy UV Lights?

Where Can You Buy UV Lights?

The Home Depot sells ultraviolet germicidal light bulbs and UV lights online and at store locations, and 1000Bulbs.com sells a large selection of UV light bulbs. Amazon.com sells a variety of UV flashlights, blacklights, UV lamps and UV light bulbs, and Big Brand Water Filter, Inc. carries UV lamps for water purification. PetSmart sells UV lights for reptiles online and at store locations.

The Home Depot offers Light-Emitting-Diode UV flashlights and replacement UV bulbs for air purifiers and ponds. The company also carries packages and cases of Phillips brand-name germicidal UV light bulbs in a wide range of wattages and styles. The Home Depot offers PurTest brand-name ultraviolet disinfection units, UV cap lights, and a UV and white light combination flashlight for fishing.

1000Bulbs.com sells screw-in, slimline, two-pin, four-pin and bi-pin germicidal UV light bulbs, as well as plug-in compact bulbs and ballasts. The company offers domestic and international shipping, and a 30-day return policy.

Amazon.com offers several UV flashlights for stain, urine, scorpion, bedbug and counterfeit money detection. The company also sells UV lamp nail dryers, UV sanitizer wands and an indoor mosquito killer with a UV lamp. Amazon.com carries UV lamps for curing glue, invisible ink pens with UV light and blacklights for entertainment, as well as UV light strips for night fishing.

Big Brand Water Filter carries UV lamps and disinfection systems from Wedeco, Ideal Horizons, Trojan, Sterilite and PURA, as well as SteriPEN travel UV disinfection systems and municipal UV lamps and components.