Where Can You Buy Used Washers and Dryers?


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Used washer and dryer sets can be purchased a variety of places from Amazon to eBay. Craigslist is another place to look for deals on used and like-new appliances including washer and dryer sets.

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Where Can You Buy Used Washers and Dryers?
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Amazon often has refurbished items available in addition to new and used items, including washers, dryers and other appliances. EBay has many listings for used, broken, new and repaired appliances. Craigslist has a searchable appliance section as well. Local stores may also refurbish washer and dryer sets to resell.

When shopping for a used washer and dryer or any other appliances, the buyer should inspect the machines if possible. Testing things such as spin cycle and the lid switch is as easy as plugging a machine into an outlet. The machine should spin quickly and stop within a few seconds of lifting the lid. The lid switch should make a crisp click when shut; a lack of sound indicates the switch is broken.

With dryers, the buyer should check for screeching noises or whining. These noises indicate that the motor is dying and needs to be replaced soon. Because motors are expensive, replacement of them undoes the savings of buying a used machine. The buyer should check the timer as well to make sure it is working correctly, since this part is also costly to replace.

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