Where Can You Buy a Used Toilet?

Where Can You Buy a Used Toilet?

Previously used toilets are listed for sale in newspaper classified ads and salvaging or recycling businesses in most local areas. Home-remodeling businesses are another great source for finding previously owned toilets available for purchase.

Used toilets are often listed for sale on the Craigslist website, as well. Visitors can check the “appliance,” “household,” and “materials” sections on the Craigslist site in order to find used toilets for sale.

Because buying used bathroom fixtures is a popular way to cut costs in bathroom remodeling or home construction, finding used toilets for sale can be as easy as reading the “for sale” ads in your local newspaper or on local media websites. The “classifieds” sections of newspapers or websites are for people to post used items (including toilets) for sale so those looking to purchase can contact them.

Larger communities often have non-profit recycling programs where you can find used toilets for sale at low prices, and sometimes they are even free. People can contact Habitat for Humanity to see if it sells used toilets. Sometimes used toilets can also be purchased from friends or neighbors who are remodeling their own bathrooms.

Used toilets can be purchased online from second-hand sale sites outside the local area if there are no other options.