Where Can You Buy a Used Small Refrigerator?


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Used small refrigerators can be purchased from Amazon, Appliance Exchange and eBay. Used appliances from Appliance Exchange are listed as classified ads, while those on eBay are sold using an online auction system.

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The used small refrigerators offered on eBay may include vintage and retro models, such as those with the Coca-Cola model, or other branded models. Listings on eBay offer a description of the item's condition, with additional details listed on some items. Listings also list the shipping cost. Payments are processed by PayPal.

Products available on Appliance Exchange are typically accompanied by a photograph and a brief item description. Payment options may vary by product, with different financing and delivery options. In many listings the price is not specified, with contact information for the seller provided.

Used small refrigerators available for purchase through Amazon are listed on the individual product pages under the "Used" link in the product's "More Buying Options" section. The checkboxes to refine a search to only list products with used versions for sale are located on the left-hand sidebar, with other checkboxes for refurbished and new products. Used products may vary in condition. Items fulfilled directly by Amazon may offer a free shipping option. Ratings for the sellers are listed with stars and a percentage rating.

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