Where Can You Buy a Used-Oil Heater?


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Waste oil burners and furnaces can be found at the websites for Lanair and Northern Tool + Equipment as well as at Northern Tool stores throughout America. Northern Tool has over 85 store locations spread across 18 states.

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Waste oil furnaces are not as common as household oil-fed furnaces. Some companies only make waste oil burners and furnaces for commercial use. This is because many households do not have access to enough waste oil to keep such a furnace operational. Residential waste oil furnaces are typically harder to find. Specialty contractors must be used to install a waste oil furnace because the setup is markedly different from that of a standard gas or oil furnace.

A waste oil furnace burns used oil to produce usable heat. Many such furnaces can use waste oils such as motor, vegetable and bio-diesel resin. Waste oil furnaces use expended, expired and recycled oils as fuel to heat homes, businesses and water. These oils are less expensive to use as fuel than the traditional oil that a generic oil-burning furnace uses.

The average price for a gallon of heating oil as of 2014 is $4.17. Many home oil furnaces have a capacity of over 200 gallons; this would make a single filling cost over $834. Waste oil is less expensive and can be found as low as $2 per gallon, providing a 50 percent savings on fuel.

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