Where Can You Buy a Used Maytag Washer?


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There are a number of places either online or in-store where one can find a used Maytag washer. Websites such as eBay and Amazon create online marketplaces where consumers can buy and sell Maytag washers, and Craigslist allows users to search for appliances for sale or trade in their area.

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The nature of used goods causes the supply of used Maytag washers to fluctuate by the day. In addition to the washers themselves, both eBay and Amazon have a wide array of parts and accessories to fix an old washer, which provide the option of fixing an old washer instead of buying a new one.

Both companies and individual sellers on each website offer a variety of deals and special offers to make their washer more appealing. The most common of these incentives is free shipping, as this could be a significant cost on something as large as a washing machine. On eBay, this incentive is up to the seller, while on Amazon, the site offers free shipping on all orders over a certain price threshold.

If an in-store or personal experience is desired, there are a number of used appliance stores in most urban areas. These locations are generally small, locally owned and can be located using a Google search.

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