Where Can I Buy Used Kitchen Cabinets?

can-buy-used-kitchen-cabinets Credit: Sami Sarkis/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Lee Wallender of About.com recommends looking for used kitchen cabinets on Craigslist.org and Freecycle.org. ASA Builders Supply encourages starting a search locally through newspaper classified ads and auctions. Beginning locally, whether through Craigslist.org or a classified ad, allows buyers to see the condition and quality of the used cabinets they are purchasing before they buy them.

Wallender states that many people give away their old cabinets for free if they are going through a remodel. Hauling away cabinets is an annoying and expensive process, so anyone willing to take the cabinets for the workers saves them time and money. He also adds a caveat that it is important to consider the chance that the cabinets may be damaged in the removal process, especially if the cabinets are made out of medium-density fiberboard.

ASA Builders Supply suggests checking for good quality, reduced-price showroom cabinets from local stores. These cabinets are more likely to be in better condition than those torn out in a remodel and of superior quality. They warn that, when purchasing used cabinets from a homeowner, they may not be honest about the history of treatments done to the cabinets.