Where Can You Buy Used Hospital Beds?


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Purchase used hospital beds from medical equipment refurbishing companies or hospital bed suppliers, such as Piedmont Medical Incorporated or 1Hospitalbeds.com, through national auction websites or through local classified ads. Find these websites and companies with an online search, specifying bed brands and location if desired.

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Medical bed supply companies refurbish and clean used hospital beds and then provide them for sale to private individuals or institutions. Piedmont offers a 1-year warranty on their beds. Some of the beds at 1Hospitalbeds.com come with warranties, but those vary depending on the brand and model. Shipping is an expensive part of a used hospital bed purchase, but these companies provide shipping options throughout the United States.

The Piedmont Medical company has a warehouse in North Carolina, while the 1HospitalBeds.com company has warehouses in San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago and Virginia. 1HospitalBeds.com allows single-bed purchases from their warehouses in San Diego and Chicago. Contact the companies directly for information about visiting the warehouses, inspecting the beds or purchasing from the warehouses without incurring shipping costs.

Realize that hospital beds purchased through classified ads or auction sites are usually sold without any warranty and may not be functional, but they are likely considerably cheaper than new beds.

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