Where Can You Buy Used Appliances in Bulk?


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Used appliances can be purchased in bulk from wholesale appliance retailers such as Used Appliance Wholesalers, Select Laundry and Big Jon's Used Appliances. In most cases, wholesalers do not cover shipping costs for long-distance purchases or warranty coverage for the items sold.

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Factors to consider when purchasing used appliances in bulk from a wholesaler include the quality of the items, the price compared to purchasing the items new and the reason the wholesaler has the items for sale in the first place. One of the most common methods wholesalers use to clear inventory is a liquidation sale, which means that all available assets are sold to raise cash funds quickly, typically for a third party. While liquidation sales allow customers to purchase products at a greatly reduced price, they sometimes take place because the products are faulty and the original retailer is unable to sell them through traditional methods. Buyers should learn why the appliances are being sold to ensure that they are not purchasing large quantities of defective items.

Buyers should also compare discounts between wholesalers and traditional retailers. In some cases, buyers may be able to obtain a higher quality product with a retailer's quantity discount compared to a wholesale discount.

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