Where Can You Buy Used Appliances?

can-buy-used-appliances Credit: SSC/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Sears Outlet sells used appliances online and at physical store locations. ApplianceXChange.com posts nationwide classified ads for used appliances, and the company also lists used appliance dealers throughout the United States. Big Jon's Used Appliances sells previously owned appliances from locations in and around Indianapolis, Indiana, and Used Appliances sells used products from its store in Mesa, Arizona.

Sears Outlet offers used appliances in most categories, including cooking appliances, refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers, as well as disposals and dishwashers. Customers can search for specific items at the company website, and then click the View Product tab to see locations that have the item in stock. To find a local store, click the Shop Local Store tab at the top of the Web page and enter a ZIP code in the search bar. All of Sears Outlet's used appliances are tested, and are refurbished if necessary. The company also cleans and sanitizes all refurbished units, and it replaces cosmetic parts.

ApplianceXChange.com lists cooking appliances, refrigerators, freezers and laundry appliances, as well as other appliances, such as trash compactors, cooling appliances and wine coolers. Postings include a photograph, description, location and contact information for the seller. To find a used appliance dealer, click on the Find A Dealer tab on the home page of the website and enter a state or ZIP code.

Big Jon's Used Appliances offers a 90-day warranty and delivery service. The company also repairs appliances. Used Appliances offers installation, repair, delivery, a three-month warranty and extended warranties.