Where Can You Buy UniMac Washers?

UniMac washers are available through the company's website as well as specialty websites such as Washington Automated. Sites such as eBay sell new and used UniMac washers, while sites such as Commercial Laundry Equipment sell only used washers.

The largest selection of UniMac washers is available on the UniMac website. The site features high performance, mid performance, cabinet hardmounts and softmounts in their washer extractor category. Washer extractors are for high capacity jobs. The company recommends them for hotels, health care centers, commercial laundromats and correctional facilities. The UniMac site also offers light commercial washers and stackable washer-dryer combinations. The light commercial washers are appropriate for lower capacity and budget operations.

The UniMac website also has a distributor locator that is searchable by zip code. Washington Automated is an example of a distributor that sells UniMac washers. Washington Automated serves the northwest United States, and sells both new and used UniMac washers.

PWSLaundry.com sells UniMac washer parts individually, in assemblies or in kits that contain all the parts necessary for specific washer repairs. The company agitators, belts, microcomputers, transformers and valves. PWSLaundry.com also sells lids, handles, panels and buttons for UniMac washers.

PartsKing.com sells hoses, locks, springs, belts and computers. It also sells UniMac repair kits for buttons, heaters, motors and valves. PartsKing.com also offers parts that identify washers as UniMacs, such as overlays and nameplates.

Sites like eBay and Amazon feature new or used UniMac washers from independent sellers. The variety is usually not as great as through UniMac or a distributor, but the prices are often discounted. For a larger selection of used and refurbished equipment, sites such as Commercial Laundry Equipment feature many listings. Used washers may require repairs, while refurbished washers have been fixed and maintained for immediate use.