Where Can You Buy Unfinished Furniture Kits?


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Online furniture retailers and suppliers of woodworking tools, such as NHWoodworking.com, VanDykes.com and Woodcraft.com carry unfinished furniture kits for living areas, kitchens and outdoor or garden areas. Most of the items are available in unfinished paint grade and hardwood.

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NHWoodworking specializes in Shaker-inspired and early American furniture that is available in both finished and unfinished kits. The site's unfinished kits are sold by the inch, allowing the client to get custom-made pieces that fit perfectly into the available space. The surface of most unfinished furniture comes in medium-grit finish, and the client may need to sand and round off the edges according to preference. Most of the furniture pieces come in a variety of woods, styles and sizes.

The furniture kits available on VanDykes.com come with one of three assembly ratings. Kits with a rating of 1 require little finishing and are easy to install. Rated 2 kits may need additional cutting, sanding, gluing and attaching of hardware. Kits with the rating of 3 require additional cutting, layout, gluing, drilling of holes, sanding and staining. The pictures on the site represent the finished products.

Woodcraft.com is one of the largest and oldest suppliers of woodworking supplies and tools in the United States. Most of the furniture comes in ready-to-assemble or easy-to-assemble configurations, though some kits, especially shelves, tables and benches, are available in a variety of lengths, heights and styles. Unfinished kits may also require sanding, staining and attaching of hardware.

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