Where Can You Buy Tupperware?

One way to buy Tupperware products is to go to the Tupperware website. Customers can shop online for a variety of items by choosing categories, such as top sellers, cookware, sale items, classics and gift sets. Another way to buy these products are to attend a Tupperware party.

At the site, customers can further refine a search by choosing products according to different price ranges. There are more than 200 different Tupperware products from which to choose on the website. To order, customers simply choose items, add them to their carts and then proceed to checkout. All Tupperware products have a lifetime warranty.

By attending a Tupperware party, it is possible to order products from a catalog provided by the party hostess or Tupperware consultant. Tupperware is mainly promoted and sold through these parties, where a hostess receives a gift.

Tupperware products are designed and manufactured to last a long time. Since 2010, the products sold in the United States and Canada are bisphenol A (BPA) free, which is a chemical compound used in plastic.

Tupperware is a company that produces a line of plastic containers for food storage, service and preparation. The company was founded by Earl Tupper in the 1940s. The Tupperware line of products were introduced to the public in 1948.