Where Can You Buy a Tado Air Conditioner?


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Tado does not produce air conditioners as of 2015, but the company's Tado Cooling Intelligent Air Conditioner control system can be preordered from the Tado website. Tado is based in Munich, Germany, and made headlines in 2014 when it announced a crowd-funding project for its A/C control system.

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The company began making smart heating control systems before eventually branching out into air conditioning control systems. The Tado Cooling smart cooling control box connects directly to the home via Wi-Fi, allowing homeowners to control their homes' cooling systems remotely. The control box also syncs with the Tado Cooling smartphone app to provide geolocation functions, which can track the homeowners and automatically turn on the air conditioner when they are on their way home.

The control box also uses weather prediction functions to adjust the air conditioning based on weather patterns, and the iBeacon technology allows the control box to track users from room to room. This means the control box can turn the unit off and on when the user enters or exits the house and adjust the air conditioning to specific rooms based on the user's current location in the home. The company claims these features can help reduce air conditioner electricity consumption by up to 40 percent.

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