Where Can You Buy Sta-Flo?

Sta-Flo can be purchased at grocery stores like Giant Eagle or Hannaford, and retail establishments like Walmart. It is also available for online ordering through Amazon.

Sta-Flo is a concentrated liquid starch made by Purex. It is made from corn starch, water, borax, processing aids and an ironing aid; preservatives and perfume are also used. It gives clothing a natural stiffness after washing and prevents wrinkles, even assisting in the ironing process by making it easier for the iron to glide over the fabric and leave a professional appearance. While Sta-Flo is most commonly used to launder work shirts, uniforms and jeans, it is also used for crafting.

To use Sta-Flo for laundry purposes, clothes can be soaked or sprayed. To soak, shake the bottle and decide whether the load of laundry is light, medium, heavy or extra heavy. Light loads require 6 cups of water per cup of Sta-Flo, while medium loads call for 4 cups of water to each cup of the product. Heavy loads are cared for by mixing Sta-Flo and water in an equal ratio, and extra-heavy loads use the product undiluted. Make sure the clothes are saturated, and then wring out and iron.

To use as a spray, first shake the Sta-Flo and mix it in a spray bottle. The ratio should be one part Sta-Flo to two parts water. Spray the mixture on clothing while ironing.