Where Can I Buy Spanish Moss?


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Spanish moss can be purchased from online nurseries or stores for gardening or decorating purposes. For instance, one such online resource is Florida Spanish Moss. It is shipped dried and compressed, but grows one it is watered.

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Spanish moss is not a moss but an epiphytic bromeliad, a plant that grows on another plant. It is often found growing and draped over oak and cypress trees, wrapping its short stems around or into the bark. Although Spanish moss relies on other plants to survive, it is not parasitic and does not harm the host plant. However, heavy moss growth can break limbs on the host plant or prevent parts of the host plant from receiving necessary sunlight.

Because Spanish moss has no roots, it collects necessary nutrients and water from the air. For this reason, it needs a tropical or humid environment, such as that found in the deep South of the United States or Central and South America. This plant blooms, producing small green flowers. In order to attract pollinators to its flowers, the plant provides shelter for several insects. One of these insects is a pollinator, the zebra longwing butterfly. Once the flowers are pollinated, seedpods grow, cracking open to release airborne seeds.

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