Where Can I Buy Soda Syrups to Use With the a Soda Stream Machine?


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As of February 2015, SodaStream syrups are available directly from SodaStream and from retailers including WalMart and Amazon.com. Prices range from $5.99 to $10.99 per unit, depending on the number of servings made.

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The SodaStream system carbonates tap water in a reusable bottle. The user can then use the carbonated water as sparkling water or add flavors for soda. Soda Stream offers over 70 flavors that match most of those a buyer might find in the soda aisle. Many are available in regular and sugar-free varieties. The system comes with a BPA-free reusable plastic or glass bottle. It uses a carbon dioxide carbonator to add fizz to the water. When the carbonator is empty, the user exchanges it for a new one at participating retailers.

Some consumers experiment with different flavoring agents in the carbonated water to obtain acceptable results, including drink mix powder, citric acid and snow cone syrups. Snow cone concentrates are less expensive but require the addition of a sweetener.

The SodaStream machine offers several advantages. Because it uses tap water from the home, it reduces fuel used in transporting soda. It offers a less-expensive option than purchasing soda in cans or bottles. However, the drink flavors differ from the name-brand sodas. The machine requires more work than opening a premade soda, especially if the user decides to mix the syrups.

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