Where Can You Buy a Self Cleaning Water Heater?


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Different brands of self-cleaning water heaters are sold on the Reliance, Whirlpool and Bradford-White official websites. These companies manufacture water heaters that are equipped with advanced sediment buildup technology.

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The Reliance 50 Gallon Tall High Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater comes with a self-cleaning dip tube that ensures low maintenance. Other special features include a high power air intake pressure system and a precise electronic thermostat. The Whirlpool 80 Gallon Energy Smart Electric Water Heater has intelligent features such as Energy Smart technology that minimizes heat loss by tracking patterns of hot water usage. Bradford-White High Efficiency Upright models are built with the Hydrojet Total Performance Systems Technology that utilizes a small tube that mixes stored water with incoming water. The Hydrojet Sediment Reduction System creates turbulence in the water tank to lessen the buildup of sediment.

The Reliance website explains that over time sediment can deteriorate the lining of the water heater tank. This buildup can also reduce the amount of hot water that can be stored. The rocky layer causes an inefficient amount of heating which increases heating costs. The warranty on the Reliance and Whirlpool products are 12 years. The Bradford-White website does not list the warranty with the product, but explains how to find this information.

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