Where Can You Buy Sage for Burning in a House?


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NativeCaliforniaWhiteSage.com and IncenseWarehouse.com offer sage for burning in homes. NativeCaliforniaWhiteSage.com features hand-gathered California white sage, and IncenseWarehouse.com sells both California white sage and desert sage.

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NativeCaliforniaWhiteSage.com is the creation of a California herb gatherer. The site sells sage in individual smudge sticks of varying lengths, and it also offers loose sage in bulk packages. IncenseWarehouse.com is a distributor of yoga and meditation products. The website offers its sage in cleansing kits, tied bundles and bags of loose leaves. In addition to their sage options, both sites also feature selections of clay bowls and abalone shells to use for holding the sage in house cleansing rituals.

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