Where Can You Buy a Rodent Proof Dryer Vent?


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Rodent-proof dryer vents can be purchased online through specialty pest-control supply retailers such as Wildlife Control Supplies, as well as through parts manufacturers such as Dundas Jafine, as of 2015. Mass retailers such as Amazon and Internet auction sites such as eBay also often sell rodent-proof dryer vents.

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The Wildlife Control Supplies website allows users to view a variety of home products designed to deal with issues caused by different wild animals that may attempt to enter or cause damage to a home. Each listing on the site features a description of the item's function and purpose, as well as pictures of any available versions of the item. Users can read through customer reviews of each product directly from the listing page, as well as share the product to various social media platforms.

The types of items found on eBay vary considerably over time, as its users consist both of private individuals and small businesses. If an individual does not find a rodent-proof dryer vent on the site, she has the ability to create alerts based on a search query. Whenever a new item is listed to the site that meets that searcher's criteria, the user receives a notification so she can view the item.

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