Where Can You Buy Retro Kitchen Wall Tile?


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Retro-style kitchen wall tiles can be found through private sellers, salvage yards, local stores, big box stores and online sources. To find retro tiles to make repairs and match existing tiles, consider contacting the original manufacturer or custom tile shops.

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A great starting point to finding retro-style tiles is the original manufacturer. Some manufacturers are still in business or specialize in restoration projects, so research the original manufacturer of the desired tile before starting the project.

Retro-style tiles can run at higher prices than contemporary options, depending on how rare they are, the condition they're in and their size. It may be worth it to create patterns with some contemporary tiles and some retro tiles.

Retro-style tiles are available from a variety of sources, including private sellers and auctions; local salvage yards and second-hand stores, which may not have large amounts available; big box stores, which may have limited styles and colors available; and online sources. Contacting local construction companies may also prove fruitful, as many companies save tiles from demolition jobs. Alternatively, many tile companies specialize in sourcing, selling or replicating retro-style tiles and offer a large assortment of options on their websites. Decide on how many tiles are needed for the project and research all available options before purchasing tiles.

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