Where Can I Buy a Retractable Clothes Drying Rack?


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Retractable clothes drying racks may be purchased at a variety of retail stores and online. One place to start looking is a retailer that specializes in home and garden products, such as Bed Bath and Beyond. Hardware stores, such as Ace, are also common places to find them.

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Retractable clothes drying racks come in several shapes and sizes, with different options for hanging clothes. Some are designed to simply dry wet laundry. Others have functional use in the shower, providing a place to hang towels, bathrobes and other bathroom accessories.

The prices of these racks vary based on the dimensions of the stands and the amount of weight they can hold. As of 2014, smaller, simpler models can start at roughly $25 while higher end models may cost approximately $100.

Drying racks provide a convenience for home owners or even apartment dwellers who wish to do laundry in the absence of a dryer. They are especially handy for drying delicate items like lingerie, items with a lot of lace or intricate sewing or items that shrink or distort if placed in a dryer. A drying rack does not take up much space in most living quarters and can easily be folded and placed in a closet or corner once the clothes are dry.

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