Where Can You Buy a Replacement Top for a Patio Table?

Tucson Table Tops and FAB Glass And Mirror sell replacement patio table tops. Other sources of replacement tops include Lowe's, Patio Direct and One Day Glass.

Tucson Table Tops offers several types of glass patio table tops. The most popular is the Aquatex style, which features a rippled, frosted surface. This type of table top is strong and damage-resistant, and the textured surface camouflages small scratches. The tempered style is flat and smooth, with a modern appearance. Tempered table tops are vulnerable to scratching, and the best way to prevent damage is to use placemats. In addition to clear tempered glass tops, Tucson Table Tops sells black-, bronze- and gray-tinted versions in a variety of sizes and shapes.

FAB Glass And Mirror sells round, oval, square and rectangular replacement patio table tops. The company also accepts custom orders for unusual table shapes. All FAB table tops are available in regular or tempered glass.

One Day Glass sells a large range of replacement glass patio table tops in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The company also manufactures custom table tops from customer-submitted sketches and digital blueprints. One Day Glass specializes in rapid production and delivers many orders on the next business day.